Friday, October 8, 2010

Tongue Tied Sydney - literally

We found out on Tuesday that Sydney is tongue tied. I can't believe I didn't pick up on it sooner. Asher was tongue tied and because of Sean's sister in law looking at a picture I emailed to the family she mentioned to me that it looked like he might be. He was 7 months old and they were able to clip his tongue in the drs office and it was as easy as that. Monday night as I was looking at the pictures I had taken of Sydney riding on the car I noticed her tongue looking tied for the first time. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is when the little flap under your tongue is so short that your tongue cannot protrude past your teeth. If you look in the picture to the right you can see her tongue. That is as far as hers will go and when she does stick it out that far you can see a indention in the middle of her tongue because the flap is tugging on it.

When I took Boston in on Tuesday to get tested for strep I mentioned it to the PA and she suggested bringing her back in this afternoon to see Dr Yarckin so he can check it out. We did (2 visits in 1 fun). Sure enough she was and he said he would go ahead and clip her. Unfortunately after a lot of crying he wasn't able to. After 6 months babies start to obtain the ability to move their tongues back and forth so she kept moving her tongue all over and even with the nurse holding her tongue he didn't feel confident enough to do it. He suggested waiting until she is 3-5 years old and assessing the situation then. Meaning if she is having speech problems we will do speech therapy and possibly surgery to fix it. Ugh....more therapies. Not the answer I was looking for. Can't we just numb her tongue or something so she stops moving it? Wouldn't that be better than spending years in therapy, $100s in drs visits and copays.

So I'm praying for God to perform a miracle on my babies tongue and let it stretch out on it's own. Let her smile be normal and her tongue have the ability to stick out at her brothers when they embarrass her. (Just kidding on that last one - as you can see Asher now has that ability.)

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