Friday, October 8, 2010

Watching Dallas play his favorite sport

Our boys play every Friday night, but they play at the SAME time. Usually I spend my time running back and forth during the games to try and catch each of the boys. But tonight I had Asher and Sydney since they weren't feeling well enough to be in childcare. Since Sean hasn't gotten to see Boston play as much he went to be with Boston and I stayed with Dallas...hence all the pics of Dallas.... Waiting to bat
Swing boy swing....he has an incredibly strong swing
He's so happy when he's out there on the field And I'm so impressed with Dallas sportsmanship, his commoradory with his fellow teammates and the respect he shows to his coaches. When we get to the field he immediately searches out his coaches and runs over to say "hi coach!" with a big Dallas smile. He enjoys talking to every teammate more than anyone I've ever seen. And when he heads out into the outfield he always asks the coach, "Where do you want me coach?" It makes me smile. What a precious boy his is and he's so outgoing with not a nervous bone in his body!
This is what Asher did while the boys his cars on the blanketAnd little Miss Sydney hung out smiling at everyone with her sparkling big blue eyesAnd getting kisses from DaddyDaddy's little girlDallas still standing on his toes, even with his new skateboard shoes. The boy has the ability to balance better than some gymnastsFinal huddle-up with the Green Monster team!

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