Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dallas field trip to Green Meadows Farm

It's that time of year. Fall has come and it's time to load up the kiddos, pack a lunch, visit some farm animals and pick your's GREEN MEADOWS TIME!

We skipped going to Green Meadows last year and this year I'm making up for it by chaperoning both boys field trips back to back. Today it's Dallas day.

The last time he came he was 3 so I really didn't remember it at all. Donkey
The train!
The joy in his face is priceless. He sure does love animals...all kinds.
Watching everyone ride the horses
Yeehaw cowboy
Milking a cow
Having a snack break
Our car group. On the ride back they all decided they needed to pick who they were going to marry when they grew up. Dallas and the little girl next to him decided they would get married and the two on the far left decided they would. It sure is funny to listen to 5 year olds talk.
What a great group of kids in Dallas class.
I was so ready to take one of these home with me in my pocket!

Isn't he just the cutest!
Feeding goats
I actually made it into one picture thanks to another sweet mom
Dallas having a little quiet time with his pumpkin
Mrs Hollands class

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