Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mountain here we come

I left for the mountains today.

My parents have a mountain house in Dillard, Ga and the fall weather, changing of the leaves and a mini vacation were calling me.

The boys were finally all over strep and finishing up antibiotics, but yesterday afternoon my throat got a little scratchy. Sean had mentioned that his has been hurting horribly for 2 days (my dear sweet husband never complains so I didn't even know....unlike his wife who needs to give a play by play on my condition). So I took immediate action knowing I was going out of town. I called our friend Karen, who is our PA and she called in antibiotics for us in case it did appear to turn into strep.

Last night I had a fever all night and woke up feeling like I got run over. Needless to say, the antibiotics were picked up and I somehow managed to pack up the rest of our stuff, load the car, take a 15 minute nap (because, yes, I felt like I was dying - hear the drama of this horrible patient) and managed to be at a beginning of the year conference with Asher's teacher at 12pm. Then pick him up, drive to get my mom (who thank goodness decided to ride with me) and head to get the boys.

2 hours into the drive my fever had spiked to 102 and I was freezing and exhausted. My mom took over and I napped. It was a long 10 and a half hour trip dreaming of the nice comfy bed.

But we made it....and the boys are oh so glad!

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