Monday, February 13, 2012

The flu hits the Whitman house again

As I'm writing this my two littlest kiddos are sleeping away their flu symptoms while I'm nursing my cough and raspy voice (think Phoebe from Friends).  As much as I hate the flu shot I am seriously thinking about getting it next year after having battled the flu TWICE this season.  It's really getting old.  Hummm....might be something to do with my going 100 mph without looking back all the time.  Maybe this is God's way of slowing me down a bit.  I have to admit I have enjoyed all the cuddling I've gotten with Asher and Sydney over the last few days.  And I do appreciate how wonderful it is to be able to breath out of my nose!

My sweet little princess birthday was Saturday but since she was so sick we did not do anything.  We didn't want to expose anyone else.  We gave her this sweet little doll baby (called the Zippity Princess made by Goldberger that teaches them how to snap, zip, button, etc) and we will just have to celebrate in a big way when she is feeling better.  (And I'll do a little 2 year old photo session with her later.)

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