Thursday, February 16, 2012

Handsome Dressing Dallas

Dallas is very interested in how he looks.  He always has his polo buttoned up with shirt tucked in and belt just right.  His hair is always combed perfectly and everything nice and neat.  I never have to worry about him getting dressed for school.  When most boys aren't even sure if their shirt is inside out or backwards Dallas has a keen eye for fashion.  
A few weeks ago he came home from church talking incessantly about another boy in his Sunday school class that was dressed so handsome that he just had to have the outfit.  He asked the boy where he got it and he said I needed to go to  Of course that website doesn't exist but today we went on a search online for exactly what he was looking for.  I had seen a blue dress shirt and tie and bought it for him today at the store (his favorite color is blue so I thought I had hit the jack pot).  But he was disappointed because the shirt wasn't black.  I was then informed that he would need a black dress shirt, black tie, black pants and very nice black shoes.  Never in my life did I think one of my  boys would actually WANT to dress like this.  When most mothers are bribing their children to get into something like this for a wedding or special occasion mine wants it for everyday.  And everyday is exactly what he means.  I asked him when he would wear something like this, to church?  He replied very matter-of-factly , "Well... every day mom."  I looked at him with a smile and gave him a big hug and said, "I love you so much Dallas.  You are oh so special!"  
The picture below got him so excited!  He said, "That's it mom!!!  Have them send it to us!!"  Of course it's a boys Perris Ellis suit, my boy has good taste he does.  
His wife is going to love his fashion sense.  I know I do.  When in doubt of an outfit I always ask Dallas and he's sure to tell me exactly what he thinks of it while Boston and Asher look at me like I have three heads.  
I love my sweet, fashion forward Dallas!!


Christina ward said...

Awe! So sweet! He needs to come help me get into high fashion! Lol love that kid!

Anonymous said...

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