Thursday, January 31, 2008

Science Center

Today I took the boys to the science center for the first time. My friend Carrie was nice enough to give us some extra tickets she had...THANK YOU SO MUCH CARRIE! I decided to leave Asher with my mom and have some good quality time with the big boys. We had so much fun. It's really funny how when you have 2 kids you think it's a lot, but now with 3 I thought having 2 was just soooo easy! LOL We ran from one thing to the next. First thing we went to was this new Robot exibit they have. We walked in and Boston said "WOW! OH...MY...GOSH!" There were robots everywhere. They just walked around in amazement at first. It was just so cute. Then we went to the nascar exhibit and they loved racing their cars on the track.

Next was the nature area and I thought this was really cool, probably cooler than they did. Papa had told them to be sure and see the alligators for them so they had been looking for them since we arrived and were very excited to finally see them. A lady was feeding them too, so they thought that was cool.

Then we went to kid land and this was definatly their favorite thing. Boston's favorite was the orange grove area where you got to pick them, harvest them, put them in crates and on a converer belt. He loved it!

Dallas favorite was the water area where you could change the flow of the water and make your boats race down the stream and the waterfalls. He could have played here for hours.
Then we headed over to the Dinasours and they were amazed by them.

They really enjoyed uncovering bones with the bruses too.

They also had an exhibit about sports and you could do several things related to this. When we got to this room it was filled with field trip kids so it was a little caoitic. But we did do a few things here and the boys even got to throw a baseball and see how fast they could through it. Boston through at 25 mph and Dallas at 15mph.

After that we headed back to the oranges and water and played for a while. Then went and ate our lunch in the car and took Boston to school. What a fun day together with my boys!

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Chelle said...

It amazes me we dont bump into each other as often as we do the same things w/ our kids! My parents got us annual passes to the Science Center for Christmas! The girls LOVE the orange tree section! They would play in there forEVER if I let them!!!