Sunday, January 20, 2008

One very cold day!

This morning we did a lot of hanging out indoors because the temperature was 16! Crazy. My dad's brother Curtis and his wife Pat came to visit us (they live in Franklin). It was really great visiting with them and they were excited to see the boys and meet Asher. Curtis held Asher and Asher loved looking up at him.
With the temperature staying in the teens most of the day there was snow and ice everywhere. This was ice on my parents shed. It looked like it was fake almost because the whole thing was lined in these perfect ice cycles.
After they left we headed up to Wahya Bald, a park on top of a mountain. We thought there should be lots of snow up there, since last time we went it was the most breathtaking winter wonderland that we had ever seen. Only problem was the we missed our turn and ended up way out of the way. But on our way back we finally found the road up to the that mountain, so we headed up. Only problem was that it was COVERED with snow and neither of us were in 4-wheel drives. But we couldn't turn around now, we were committed. It's basically a one way road, winding up the mountain, with a huge cliff below. We thought, "I hope one else is coming down!" When we made it to the top my parents stopped for a moment and when they tried to start back they started to skid and slide and I thought...."Oh my, I don't want to watch my parents slide off the mountain!" But they finally got up there and turned around. I just stopped right in the middle of the road and wasn't going anywhere. Thank goodness to our blessing Suzanne and her dad John were up there sledding. So he was nice enough to turn my car around and drive us down. The boys had a great time sledding down this long slope with Aunt Suzanne. She was equipped with all the right snow gear...we on the other hand were not quite prepared for the 10 degree weather with the wind chill below 0! I had to go to the bathroom in this little out house they have up there. I had no choice. John said he probably would have wet his pants instead of that...but I thought I might actually do that heading down! While sitting in the car with the babies getting warm with the boys running around with Aunt Suzanne the gas light came on! OH NO!!!
Aunt Suzanne with the boys on top of Wyha Bald Mountain. Hiking up to sled back down the looonnggg and fast slope

Dallas with Aunt Suzanne going very fast and having lots of fun!

By the time we made it home it was dark. And Sean was there waiting for us! He had a conference in Atlanta this weekend and got to stay with his good friend Mike and then went over to see his boss Greg that actually lives in Atlanta and commutes to Orlando. He had a great time. But missed us so he drove up to see us. The boys were so excited to see daddy. It was a great way to end the day.

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