Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Taking pics on the patio

While playing on our patio this afternoon I grabbed the camera to get a few shots with the great sunlight that was coming in while the sun was starting to set.
I think this picture of Asher might possibly be my very favorite picture I've ever taken. I just love how his eyes sparkle! He was so interested in how Boston was climbing all around and playing. He loves being outside and is especially loving the patio now with this great weather.
I liked this picture of Boston as well. He was climbing on the chairs as I was lying on the ground. So I grabbed this one of him.
And the budding photographer in him has learned very well how to operate my Nikon and can actually shoot some pretty good pics. This is one he took of me lying on the patio after a long day of being mommy.
Dallas was in a "mood" since he woke up and all he wanted to do is watch tv. That seems like all he wants to do lately and will have a tantrum on the floor if he doesn't get to. A lot of time we have to endure lots of crying while the tv is off. He finally came around after he heard JT and Lauren were outside. That's when fun Dallas came out to play.

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Anonymous said...

I always love looking at all your pictures! :) I hope we can get the kids together sometime soon to play! :)