Monday, January 21, 2008

Coming home

This morning as I was packing everything up Sean took the boys out to go sledding one last time. They liked showing off for daddy all that they had learned to do in the snow. Sean carivaned back with Suzanne and left in the morning. We headed back around the same time as my parents at noon. It ended up taking me 12 hours to get home, Sean and Suzanne about 7 and half. Crazy. But when you have two nursing babies and two big boys in the car there are a lot more stops along the way. But we had a great time getting back home. Moments of lots of noise and then beautiful silence. Amy had gotten very sick last night but thankfully was feeling much better this morning and made it home without getting sick in the car. Whew. We got to eat at the Chick-fil-a Dwarf house in Atlanta and the boys loved walking in the little door in the front. (brought back many memories when I was a kid living in Atlanta and going to the original Dwarf House) Amy's sister Keri met us there with her boyfriend and we had a great time getting to see them. I can't believe she's in college now...time flies! I finally made it home at midnight. As the boys were sleeping Bon Jovi and the Wicked soundtrack kept me awake. My mom road the rest of the way with me after I dropped Amy off in Valdosta but she was asleep a lot of the time...LOL It's good to be home.

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