Thursday, January 10, 2008

Asher's says MaMa

While changing Asher's diaper today (on two different occasions) he said mamamamama. Of course I'm not really sure he knew what he was saying but mommy sure picked it up. I've been waiting and waiting for him to use the mamama sound. He's so good at saying dada and baba. So mommy was oh so excited to hear that beautiful sound!! And when I went to pick him up once today he actually leaned up toward me for me to grab him. Oh so cute. I just love it when they are old enough to reach their arms us to you. So sweet. What a beautiful and fun stage this is, as each day they are growing and learning so many new things.

This is Asher playing on the giraffe Nena and Papa got him for Christmas. He was having so much fun riding it!

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