Friday, January 11, 2008


(Gabi hanging out with us in the front yard with Asher at 6 weeks old)

I love our neighbors. I feel so blessed that we found this house in this perfect neighborhood. We have our wonderful neighbors Tico and Gabi next door that I could never say enough great things about. And we've been able to spend a 4th of July and 2 Thanksgivings with them as well. They feel like family. Then we have the Stitelers down the street with 3 kids as well that we have so much in common with it feels like we've known them forever. And of course Jude and Nicole and little Joy that we love playing in the front yard with. And there's more neighbors that make this the best place.

This afternoon we played in the backyard (our little "Backyardagains"). The mom's chilled out in the grass while the kids ran around and jumped on the trampoline. Once one kid is out it's like the come out of the woodworks from all directions to gather together for some fun in the beautiful Florida weather. What a great way to end the day.

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Hage Family said...

How fun! I wish we had that for our boys...they'll have such wonderful memories! Speaking of neighbors...Jennifer Albers child, Austin, is in Ethan's kindergarden class. I invited her yesterday to come to our Sunday School class and she wanted to know if I knew you! :) LOL