Saturday, January 12, 2008

Family Fun Saturday

We started the day with a birthday party for little Abby who turned 3. We had a great time at Dartmouth Park in College Park. The kids loved running around and especially loved daddy chasing them. I forgot my camera so no pics from this.

Sean and Boston buring the otter in the backyard

When we got home the smell that had started yesterday had really turned into a horrible stench in the backyard. We realized something had died under our porch again. This time it died a a point that Sean could get to it. He looked under with the flashlight and said it was huge but I didn't really understand until he pulled this HUGE otter out from under. We were so sad. When we first moved in our house in 2002 a mommy otter gave birth to her babies while I was about 8 months pregnant with Boston. It was so cute to see this mommy love and take care of these little babies. And each year the mommy would come back to give birth. But over 1 year ago the mommy died (we are guessing by giving birth) under our porch. It smelled for over a month. We are thinking this must have been one of her offspring coming back to give birth herself but dieing in the process. We were so sad. We had missed the baby otters and watching this circle of life continue. We thought after the mommy had died we would never see any of them again. I hope maybe in the future another sibling will come and give birth here again.

Later we raked the front yard, the whole family. What an amusing sight with all the kids "helping" rack the leaves and collect them. Asher watched from his little car as Boston would push him around.

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