Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lakehouse with the Earp Family

We headed out to the lakehouse for a day of fun with our friends The Earps from OKC. We had a great time. We headed over on the boat to Wooten Park in Tavares for a Train Festival but it turned out not to be very exciting so we headed back on the boat for some nature in the canal. They loved it. We got to see an alligator, a turtle, a hawk and a ton of cool birds like usual. The weather was just perfect! It was in the 70's today and some of Earp's kids even swam in the water (still a little cold for this Florida blood!) Some played soccer and the kids built sandcastles on the beach and swam and lots of fun was had by all! :-) We had a great dinner that my mom cooked for everyone (all 17 of us!) And we celebrated Chrysty's 33rd b-day with a chocolate cake. The boys just fell in love with their kids and had a blast playing. I know they only wished lived closer as much as we do.

Sean and Steven (no they aren't brothers....scary right?)

The alligator we saw
Their kids loved all the lizards around and all put them on their face and heads and laughed because they would stick there. LOL We are just so used to them everywhere here...although that doesn't phase my boys. They'd chase a lizard anyday. The old against the young...guess who one...guess who was sore the next day!
Kids love sand!

Happy Birthday Chrysty

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