Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We are having a girl!

I can hardly believe it. Really...hardly believe it!

Today Sean and I met at Florida Hospital for my sonogram. We met early and ate at the cafeteria there (we love the food.) Then it was time! I was so nervous! So nervous. I prayed the whole morning for peace. In no way did I want to be disappointed if it was a boy. I think logically I had convinced myself it was going to be a boy again. Which I was TOTALLY fine with. I love being a boy mama, and I love love love my boys. We wouldn't have had another if we weren't fine with all boys. But of course there's that piece of my heart that passionately desires to have a girl. To be able to do all the girly things, have a mother daughter relationship, and add a little pink around the house! I also prayed that it would be completely obvious what the sex was or that we wouldn't be able to tell at all. I didn't want any gray area.

When she started the sonogram all I cared about was finding out the sex. Forget all the measurements! Lets get to the good stuff lady! My heart was literally racing and pounding out of my chest! While she was measuring the chest or something Sean and I both swore we saw boy parts and we looked at each other and said, "It's a boy." The sonographer said to us, "I wasn't even looking down there yet guys. Lets just wait and see." I immediately started talking to God, "Lord, if it is really a boy I TRUST you. I know you of all people know how badly I want a girl but you know what is best for me and for our family and I have faith in your judgement over mine. I will rest in your love for me which is greater than I can understand and rejoice in this baby boy!"
On with the sonogram we went. And after about 30 minutes or so she finally decided to have a look at the sex. She looked and looked and said she thinks its a girl but can't tell for sure yet. She'll look again in a few minutes when the baby moves. She was sure what we saw was the umbilical cord

Then she did another peak and said very confidently, "It's a girl." I said, "REALLY, are you SURE?!?!?" She said, "oh ya I'm sure, see the three little lines." But Sean and I weren't convinced. We were much more convinced that it wasn't possible for us to make little baby girls. So she showed us from 3 different angles to convince us it was a girl. She also took several pictures. And then the tears filled up in my eyes and I looked over at Sean and said, "It's a baby girl!" I just couldn't believe it. Could it really be. Really? I'm actually going to have a girl?? There's a baby girl in my belly? From that moment on I think I started glowing about 10 shades brighter with a smile from ear to ear. Nothing could have brought me down from the high I was on.
I called my mom from the car and my parents were both on the phone and I said, with tears flowing down my face, "ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My mom started screaming and my dad said, "I knew it was a girl." My dad then informed me I was to do no more heavy lifting and only lots of resting. Ha ha ha.
I called my mother in law who is watching the boys and told her. She wanted to scream but I told her not to say a thing because I wanted to tell the boys when I got home.

I called my sister in law who wanted to scream but was in school.

I called my college best friend Jessica and she and 3 of her kids all were screaming for about 1 minute! It was too funny. More shocking news for my girlfriends Tiffany, Tina and Erica. Then I think I was on the phone most the rest of the day.

I went to Babies r us before returning home and entered the store a new mommy. I wasn't just a boy mommy shopping for blue and green or sports and animals. I was now a mommy of a little girl too. I had permission to not just glance with envy at the girl clothes (and the LARGE selection of them). I had permission to BUY!!! I had permission to imagine my own little girl wearing them. My own little girlie girl with bows and lace and ruffles! It was like I was in a dream. It just didn't feel real. Was I really able to look at them? Was I really able to buy them for ME! I did find two precious ones that I bought. One that was just adorable and pink and the other one reminded me of Strawberry Shortcake, who was my favorite as a little girl. I had my whole room in her!

When I was pregnant with Asher we didn't find out the sex. I saw this cute onesie for a girl that said, "Worth the wait!" I bought it just in case and I have held onto it since them. Now little Sydney will be able to rock this shirt in style!
Then I walked over and bought a baby girl album. And it even said BABY GIRL on it. Of course it had to!
This seriously was the best birthday present anyone could get me. What a great early birthday present!

And her name is : SYDNEY LYNN WHITMAN (of course the first name is a city...keeping with tradition. And the middle name (also keeping with tradition) is a family middle name)

When I got home the first thing Dallas said to me is, "So mom what is it? Is it a baby boy or baby girl in your belly????" He couldn't wait to find out! When I told them the excited shock on Dallas face was the cutiest. Boston was also in total shock. He told me he was a little bummed it was a girl because he was thinking it would work out better if we had another boy, that way Asher would have someone to play with like him and Dallas play together. I told him I'm sure Asher will play with the baby girl too.

Before heading to church my sister in law surprised us and stopped by with doughnuts with pink icing to celebrate. The boys really liked that!
At church tonight my girlfriend Tiffany surprised me with 2 burp clothes and a bib embroidered with Sydney's name on them. It made me cry. To see something with her name on it. Wow! What a precious gift!!!

When I got home there were flowers waiting there that had been delievered from my mom and dad (who are out of town.) What a day. One of the best! It felt like my birthday today!

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