Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dallas the tender hearted

Dallas has such a big heart and observes more than I imagine. Just this morning he noticed my pearl bracelet I was wearing and commented, "Mom that is a beautiful bracelet." What 4 year old says things like that. It melts my heart. And he always notices pretty girls. Whenever he is around a pretty girl he is like a magnet to them. He's right there smiling and talking to them, wanting to show them a new toy or something. When we were headed somewhere last week he asked me, "Mommy, will there be pretty girls there with sweet hair?" Cracks me up. I remember one time when we were at an ice cream shop at the mountain house and this pretty young girl with long, brown, curly hair was behind the counter he couldn't take his eyes off her. He would just look up with the BIGGEST smile on his face. LOL At least he's liking the girls....just a little too early for mommy!

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