Monday, September 21, 2009

Pink Pancakes

For lunch today I made some high protein pancakes called Pink Pancakes (we topped them with some powdered sugar I put in a shaker and some maple syrup). They are whole wheat pancakes with grated apple, pureed beets and ricotta cheese. Of course my main reason in changing the diet is for Dallas but I know that it will also benefit the other boys as well. Feeding Dallas is very difficult because he keeps getting pickier and pickier about his food. Although after having chatted with my girlfriend Jackie I'm realizing that Dallas is probably self limiting himself to the foods he should most likely be avoiding. So if I eliminate these foods then he will probably be more open to other foods.

So today I tried the pink pancakes today for lunch and they were a hit with Dallas. He ate them all up quickly. And he even asked for a banana afterward....and he NEVER does that!!!! Funny thing is that Boston and Asher (who aren't picky) hated them! (I too thought they were really gross.) But hey....Dallas liked them!

It was almost like a little God wink. I needed that encouragement because today I was feeling very overwhelmed with the changing of the diet in the house and baking everything homemade on top of everything else on my plate. That's what's happened all the other times I've tried to take this on (tried several times since last fall.) And I know that being overwhelmed and having anxiety is not from God but only from I must be on the right track with this diet. With God's help (since He only gives you what He knows you can handle and the power of the Holy Spirit to get it done) I know I can do it!

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