Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lakehouse for Labor Day: day 1 & 2

We headed out to the lakehouse Saturday afternoon and enjoyed a relaxing evening on the lake,having dinner outside and soaking it all in. Sunday we started with a trip to the new water splash pad in Tavares that Boston and Dallas enjoyed. Then back to the beach and swimming in the lake. And then we were off on the boat for some serious fun.

We started out with Dallas first tubing ride. Can't believe neither Boston nor Dallas have ever done it before. But we finally talked them into it. Dallas was really thrilled! He loved it up until Uncle Hess stood and got thrown off. I think Dallas was a little worried about him. After Uncle Hess was thrown off.Then Boston got on, only after I practically pushed him out there. He was enjoying himself until Papa took it a little fast and then the anxiety kicked in and he was outta thereDaddy had a great time out there on his own!And the boys really enjoyed swimming out in the middle of the lake with their life vests on. They thought that was really funny. Even though they have grown up on this lake since they were born they sure were doing a lot of first today out on the boat!Then Uncle Hess, Aunt Suzanne and Daddy went for a wild and crazy ride!
Until Uncle Hess was thrown off once againAunt Suzanne and Boston being silly Uncle Hess showing up how to surf behind the boat.

Boston surfing!

Daddy surfing

The Lakehouse
What a cutie! Boston (6 and a half years old)
After several hours out we came back to find Asher up from his nap. He stripped from his clothes and went swimming in his birthday suit!Canoeing with Uncle HessAunt SuzanneBrothers out on an adventure! Dallas (4 and a half years old)
Asher is a FISH!We had smores on the dock under the tree in the fire pit and ended the night with the most amazing moon!

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