Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pains of Pregnancy

I know my doctor said that with each pregnancy the pains would increase and that has defiantly rung true through all of them, but it seems as though the curve spiked with this pregnancy. Last weekend and this past one I had two bouts of Braxton Hicks contractions. Very strong ones. Surprised me a little since I was only 18 and 19 weeks.

Then for the past two days, for 48 hours straight, I have had the most intense pain in my lower right side. It felt as though the baby's head was jammed into my ligament. I could literally feel her head. I did everything to get her to move but she wouldn't budge. I had ligament pain with each of the boys and last time with Asher they prescribed me pain medication for it but I only took it once after it made me completely loopy afterward. But this pain was nothing compared to that. At one point I had tears running down my face. I thought to myself, "Why are you crying in didn't even cry during the 13 hours of labor on pitocin without epidural." But then again....I wasn't chasing three kids around, cleaning a house and trying to do school when I was in labor. But thank goodness I woke up this morning and God answered my prayers, or he knew that one more day of this pain might just put me in the crazy house. So at least I just woke up with the feeling of needing to throw up....I'll take that! And I wore this shirt in honor of my day.

Hopefully that won't be a recurring situation!

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