Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy 32nd birthday to me!

Today was such a great birthday. I started the day out by having some of my cookie cake for breakfast....yum! Then the boys and I went to EPCOT. I normally would not venture to a Disney park alone with all three of my kids (and one in belly-tow) but since we have seasonal passes Disney gives me a gift card to spend in the park on my birthday for the cost of a regular price admission. So I had to go! Everything was going very smoothly. We road the ride in the big ball and then Nemo and see all the fish and then as we were walking it started to pour rain on us. We ran into the Imagination place and the boys played Playstation 3 game Wall-E. We were there for a while when I realized we really needed to get home for lunch. So I decided to just make a run for it. So with Asher in the stroller and a boy on each side we walked the LONG way to the car in the rain and cold wind. But it was pretty fun. Boston really enjoyed every single puddle along the way....and why not...we were already soaked to the bone. It was just something laugh about and have fun with. Oh well! We got to the car and all the boys stripped to their underwear and mommy rolled up her pants and shirt and drove home. The warm car felt very nice!

When we got home daddy had just gotten home from Vegas. Yah!! I changed clothes and headed off to the mall to look for a new maternity shirt.

Then for dinner Sean and I headed out to Taverna Opa with some good friends of our to celebrate. What a wonderful dinner with great company! It was one of the best, most entertaining places I have eaten at before!

One half of the table

Other half Belly Dancer pulling Sean up to dance
My and my love

Dancing all around

Belly dancer with fire!

They throw napkins everywhere (they used to throw plates as a tradition in old Greek restaurants but I guess that's too much of a liablity now a days) Enjoying a great variety of greek food

They pulled up up on the chair to sing Happy Birthday to me. (although they usually have you stand on the table...but the pregnant lady was not about to do that).

Blowing out the candles while Sean watches out for me and his baby girl

It really was one of the best birthdays every!!!! And of course I'm still relishing on my early birthday present....A BABY GIRL!!!

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Hage Family said...

We so enjoyed this time with you all! You are GREAT friends to us! We cherish YOU!!!!