Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's 10am and we are already done with school today. Wow. And to think I woke up this morning stressed about all the things that need to get done today and frustrated that I needed to go and do school. So we started school a little bit early today and now we are all done with the whole day ahead of us!

I was reflecting on how if the boys were in school we would of had to rush every morning to get everyone dressed and fed, with teeth brushed and shoes on. Jump in the car and make the long trek over to Oakland Ave Charter School (a good 15-20 minute drive) leaving at 7:50am. Then drive over to Dallas school and wait in the parking lot to drop him off at 9am and drive home. Then back to Dallas school at 12 and Boston at 3. Craziness. Now we enjoy each other each morning, have a nice warm home cooked breakfast and don't have to rush to get ready.

So although I woke up with a stinky attitude not excited about homeschooling today God gave me some perspective....and now I'm much more appreciative that I have the opportunity to do it!

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