Thursday, September 3, 2009

Asher and the 2s

Let the training begin....

Asher turned two back in May and my sweet, easy going, always smiling child brought a whole other personality into the mix. He's trying out screaming if he doesn't get his way. (and even though it's not working for him, he's still TRYING.) He gotten a lot pickier with his eating as well. And the word MINE has entered his ever growing large vocabulary. He has a fake little mad face and pout face he can turn on in a second that actually makes me laugh more than anything. And he is very good at crocodile tears on command.
On the positive note...

He is the funniest person I know! He cracks everyone up! His since of comedic timing and words are truly amazing at just 2. His smile can melt your heart and he has wonderful manners. He plays so great with his big brothers and completely adores them! He pretty attached to me at times and yet daddy is his hero. He loves to kick balls and has an amazingly high follow threw. He also enjoys catch, sword fighting and shooting guns with his brothers. (no doubt he's the 3rd boy in the family!) He adores Popsicles and lollipops and Mickey Mouse. He carries around a little plastic Mickey Mouse everywhere. He is also pretty obsessed with Backyardagains and can sing the whole theme song for you. He can't stand messes and has to have a napkin to clean up anything mess at the kitchen table. He calls juice "water juice" because mommy fills it full with water and give a tiny bit of juice. Still using his pacifier, which he still calls "Uh Oh" and still has his blanket he calls "wawa." We have added a new one to the collection that he calls "blanket" and it's only used to cover up at bedtime and naptime. And speaking of naptime, the kid loves to sleep. He takes 2-3 hour naps daily!

At two he speaks in unbelievably complete and complex sentences, he uses a regular cup, big people spoon and fork, no booster seat and enjoys walking himself into get his diaper changed and walking himself to bed. He is still in the crib (although that will change very soon-but he LOVES the crib and waiting to change as long as possible.) And we haven't done the potty training yet. He'll try any new food, although if he doesn't like it he's spitting it out.

What a blessing he is! I thank God for such a sweet little boy!!

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