Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Homeschool supplement recommendations

Some really cool books I've found to supplement our homeschooling I thought I would share with you.

The first is called Addition adventures and Boston really enjoys this. It makes doing addition problems fun. They solve the problems and it tells them how many squares to draw their line and what direction (which also helps with learning North, South, East and West) Try it out for some extra fun in math!!! The next one is a Kumon book of mazes. They are all mazes inside things that go. For example, today Dallas did one that was a submarine. And the pages are so colorful and fun!
The next is another Kumon book (I absolutely LOVE Kumon books!) It's really very basic but for Dallas it works really well for helping his fine motor skills. Asher even enjoys it. (Asher is 2 and Dallas is 4) It starts out very, very basic (drawing a line straight down) and then gets more advanced (like a roller coaster) Again....very colorful and fun and exciting pictures. Can't go wrong with anything Kumon!


laytonfamily said...

we loved using Kumon books too!

Melissa said...

We have used several Kumon books through the years and really have been pleased. Parker just finished the cutting book yesterday and made such progress from the beginning to the end. You can get them through Amazon at a great price! Congratulations on your baby girl!