Thursday, February 26, 2009

Truck riding at Walmart and the random kindness

Today we ventured to Walmart. The boys love riding in this truck and it's a hit or miss if I actually have 50cents to make it work. Today as I was searching through my purse for money (coming up empty handed) the greeter at the front came over and gave me 50cents. I couldn't believe her random act of kindness. It impressed me so much! Then we realized that it wasn't plugged in and wouldn't give us the money back. She plugged it in and gave me 50 more cents! Wow. The boys were beaming with joy riding it. Then as it was finishing and I was getting ready to get them out a Walmart truck driver came over and gave me 50 more cents to ride it again! I wanted to cry because I was so touched by these complete strangers and their generosity to give me 50cents to let me children enjoy riding the truck! He even said he would give them a ride in the REAL truck if he didn't have a delivery to do. The joy in 50cents was abounding today!

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