Friday, February 27, 2009

Big house, Small House

Last night Sean helped my brother and Suzanne move into their new house, a huge house! We are so happy for them. Of course it makes me look at my little house, all 1689 square feet of it and wonder what it would be like to live in a big house with a big pantry and big closets. Room for everything. I'm working very hard at being content with what God has blessed us with. Of course whenever I go to someone else's house that's big and decorated with the finest of furnishings I start to be not happy with my house and the used furnishings we have. But when I'm in my home I love it! Its been such a great place to bring up the boys and a great neighborhood with an awesome backyard area. So today I battled in my head with God but realized we have three beautiful boys and that's why we still live in this house. And I would much rather have my boys and stay at home with them then a have a big house. So for now I will continue being happy and taking care of what God has given me.
(the picture is of our front door with my Valentine's wreath)

Tonight Sean and I went over to their house and it was amazing! Sean and I are already dreaming about when we can also buy a house in the same neighborhood and both live in the there.

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karen said...

Well you can come visit me in my 1052 sq. ft. house and then you can feel better;-p

Seriously, I absolutely know what you are going through. Last year my word for the year was contentment and God really worked on my heart in this area. I was always comparing my house with all my friends' huge homes and I then I realized how this was a stronghold in my life that was stealing my joy.

I asked God to help me in this area. And he has. It was not easy but now I can go to someone's house and just simply admire what they have without feeling so bad about what God has blessed us with.