Sunday, February 22, 2009


Tonight we had Missionfest at our church. Boston is in the Kindergarten choir and they performed some cute songs to start the festival off. He was adorable all dressed as a cowboy up there. He sang his little heart out, my little singer. I get much joy out of watching him perform!
(He's in the back row, second person to the right of the big mexican hat wearing boy)

After he sang we got to eat dinner here for free! Amazing isn't it. And the food was great. A plate piled high of all kinds of food from around the world: pizza, egg rolls, corn dogs, and a bunch of other stuff. The boys really like the corn dogs and pizza. My brother joined us to hear Bosont sing and eat as we all ate out on the lawn.

Then we headed back inside and the boys got passports and we went around to all the different tables checking out the missionary work going on all over the world. We all got chop sticks and a bookmark with each of our names on it in Chinese. Of course we hung around China the most, since it the country we feel so called to. Hopefully one day we will have some even deeper connection to it....maybe a little girl....we can only hope. There really is a place in my heart for a sweet little China girl. Sean and I both have the deepest desire to adopt there but God would have to move mountains for it to happen. Right now the wait time is several years, some say 4-6 years, and the financal costs and things you have to have in order to even quality are way beyond our means But I know if that is what God's wishes for our family He will make it happen and I have all the faith in the world in that.

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