Friday, February 27, 2009

Dr Seuss Day

Boston in his Dr Seuss hat
Today was Dr Seuss Day at Boston's school and I volunteered to come up and help out. Each class rotated around to the other kindergarten class to do an activity and hear a Dr Seuss book being read. As I walked in another mom, Hi, said "Ya Cricket's here. She can read the book!" Right away Boston class left on the rotation and my first class came in. She handed me the book "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." We have many Dr Seuss books in our house but for some reason this is not one of them and I can't remember ever having read this book. First off let me say it was the LONGEST book. As I'm reading I'm thinking, "this book is never going to end!" But I put my theatre skills to use and animated the book and used funny sounds for the characters.

The best was when Boston's class finally returned and I got to read it to his class. The smile on his face showing how proud he was that I was his mom was the BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD! I've performed in front of hundreds and even on tv, but this was THE best audience I could ever had, the audience with my proud child in it. Nothing could top this!

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