Friday, February 6, 2009

Boston - student of the week!

When I picked Boston up from school today he was grinning ear to ear! He announced, "I'm student of the week!!!!" I was so proud of him I had tears in my eyes. Each week he says to me, "I'm not student of the week this week." And I just tell him to keep trying and doing his best and Mrs Ramdehal will notice it. He was so excited that he got to go to the cafeteria with the other students of the week and he got a certificate, ribbon and his favorite thing he got was a pencil. LOL Right when he told me I said we've got to go get ice cream to celebrate. So off we went to Twisty Treat (thank goodness it wasn't freezing cold outside anymore!)

I'm so proud of Boston and I'm sure Mrs Ramdehal has noticed all the hard work he's been doing at home.

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