Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Asher's guardian angel

Asher's guardian angel must work overtime. With two older boys in the house its a lot harder to keep things super baby proof. Today Asher came to me to show me what he has in his mouth (thank goodness he has a habit of bragging to me about what he's managed to do.) To my great shock it was a tac that you use to put stuff up on a cork board!!!! I quickly removed it and went in Boston's room to see if anymore where in there. He has a cork board that isn't accessable to Asher but somehow he must have pulled something off and the tac fell on the floor for little hands to find. Oh my gosh! To think of what would have happened if he had swallowed it! I don't even want to think of that!! Thank goodness God is always watching over sweet, sweet Asher!

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