Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

After church we played around in the backyard and around the house. Our neighbor Jerry built the kids a new swing in the tree in the field behind our house.

Dallas likes to swing on it on his tummy I found Asher lying like this on the couch and found it pretty amusing. He must have been wiped out from the day.
I love the fact that the kids love going to church. Dallas BEGS to go to "church school" everyday, especially to see Mr Chuck and Mrs Mindy. Boston has been singing Christian praise songs all day. They started a new program called Treasure Quest and that's all he has been talking about since he got home. He said to me, "mom! It was AWESOME!!!" His description off how Pastor David said only the boys could yell, "Boys! Boys! Boys!" was so funny. And how he picked up the bible and there was fire in it. (I don't exactly understand that one myself) But his joy in going makes my heart smile!

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