Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday morning

I started the morning off with lots of baking. Homeade healthy waffles, orange bran muffins, and breakfast cookies. The muffins are not a repeat, yuk. But I'm trying several healthy recipes trying to find some staples to batch make each week.

Sean came home from his Saturday morning run and we played soccer with the boys in the backyard for a little while. It was absolutely gorgeous day!

Here's Asher and Dillard looking at the ducks in the pond in our backyard. Asher LOVES ducks. It's the first animal noise he made and he still loves to "QUACK QUACK!"

Daddy kicking the ball far in the air for the boys to chase after. They love this game Mommy and Asher

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Lynn Dorval said...

Wow!! I can't believe all the water is gone!!! What did they do with the fountain?? Well at least you have a big field to run and play in now!!