Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jori's birthday party

I took Boston to his friend Jori's birthday party today at the bowling alley. Jori and Boston has known each other since they were born through church and now they are in the same kindergarten class. Boston loves Jori but he is also very careful not to seem to close to her because the boys in class seem to tease him that she's his girlfriend and as he's told me many times, "he DOESN'T want a girlfriend!" I assured him he didn't need one until he's at least 21! Ha Ha
Boston and Jori
Jori, Ashton (yes a kid in his class is names Ashton), Nicolas, and BostonJori -it was a Cosmic Bowl, they turn off the lights and have black lights with everything glowing Boston had the time of his life. It was ever so cute to watch them cheer each other on and jump up and down when they knocked a lot of pins down. Boston was very proud that he won on his lane of 6 kids with a score of 75 (and the rest of the kids in the 50's) Daddy was so proudJori, Boston and Nicolas

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