Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dallas riding without training wheels

Today we while we were playing in the backyard I was thinking about the fact that we are getting Boston a new, bigger bike for his birthday and Dallas will be inheriting Boston's bike but that he would need training wheels. Then I thought, why not give him a chance to learn now. So I said, "Hey Dallas, you want to try and ride Boston's bike without training wheels." Dallas is always game to try things like this, so he enthusiastically replied, "Yes!" On the bike he went and I held on to him as we went around for a little bit and then started to let go a little big here and there. Eventually after just about 10-15 minutes he was riding all by himself!! It was truely amazing. And I have to brag on his determination. No matter how hard it was, and how many times he crashed and fell, he got RIGHT BACK up and tried again. He's always had such determination in disobeying and I always said it would come in handy one of these days! Well now I'm seeing the fruit of it!

I'm oh so proud of you Dallas! Way to go!!!

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