Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

The boys woke up to a decorated table full of valentine's presents, cards, a cookie cake and more.
I made dinosaur blueberry muffins and the boys enjoyed opening all their presents.

They got chocolates, heart shaped lollipops, stickers, Asher got a book, silly puddy and little soccer balls. They also got to open a present that was the game Candy Land. (pretty appropriate for V-day don't ya think?)


Hage Family said...

Wow!!! They made out! I don't ever get anything for the kids on Valentines Day. Just doesn't cross my mind honestly! Preston asked if I got anything for the kids and I was like...for what? It's a mommy/daddy holiday and we aren't even getting anything!!! LOL

Rebecca said...

Cricket - you are one cool mama!!
How adorable are those dinosaur muffins?!?!