Friday, February 6, 2009

Father Daughter Dinner

Tonight I was lucky enough to get to go on a date with my dad to the Father Daughter dinner at our church. What a great time it was! My dad picked me up and brought me my favorite flowers, Alstromeria. Then we headed to the church. Suzanne also joined us as his daughter-in-law. The dinner was awesome and we got to hear Kari Jobe sing in concert and her dad speak. It so so cute to see the little girls twirling around dancing with their daddies. I'm looking forward to getting to go with my daddy each year!!
Suzanne, Kari Jobe and me
Afterward we were told to go get dessert with our dads so dad took us to Krispie Kreme...and the Hot n Now light was on! We stuffed ourselves full of them and then headed home. It was a perfect night! Thank you daddy!

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