Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boston riding his bike again

About a week or so ago Boston decided he wanted to try riding his bike again. He hasn't road it since his fateful accident on Dec 6, resulting in surgery and a cast for 4 weeks. I told him we should try riding it in the back yard first on the grass. He got right back on it and road it like he had never stopped. Soon he was riding up and down the hills and mountain biking like a pro. I'm so proud of him for finally getting back on it and riding again. I haven't pushed the subject and haven't even talked about it. I'm glad he made the choice himself and he's so proud of it that when asked for his student of the week poster what his greatest accomplishment was he said, "riding my bike without training wheels!"


Hage Family said...

Yeah!!!! Way to go Boston!!!

Rebecca said...

That's one tough cookie!!
What awesome determination he has (Dallas and Asher will be right on his heels soon)!!