Saturday, February 14, 2009

Animal Kingdom for Valentine's Day

We headed out to Animal Kingdom after Sean finished his long run today. What a great time! We went to the Dinosaur part first today and let the boys run off some energy in the playground there. We haven't been to this part of the park in several years because they just weren't old enough. But now they love it! They were running all over the place. Sean and I had a hard time keeping up with where they were. Asher especially loved hanging out with Sean in the dirt/rock area pictured below where you uncover dinasour fossils.
Climbing up together


Sean with is boys checking out the deer
Up close and personal with some tigers Asher looking at the tiger. I think he could have stayed here all day. He kept calling him a "dog dog!"
Monkeys hanging out....literally!
The boys getting to learn about parrots more
Bats sleeping
Sean and Asher looking at the deer. Asher LOVED all the animals and would get so excited seeing them

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