Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Video Games and reading

Sean has Playstation 3 and we have the Lightening McQueen game for the boys and recently it's become a very big thing in our house. I can now see how people have to put a limit on the time their kids play video games. I think they could play this for hours on end. They really like the fact that the two of them can race each other. Of course Asher always wants in on what the "big boys" are doing and he covets the controller anytime he can get his hands on it.

Here's some pictures of him trying his best to play.

"Oh ya, I'm a pro!"
The boys also love to read. Whether its a book on their own or me reading to them. My only problem now adays is trying to figure out how to read Boston chapter books, Dallas younger books, and Asher board books. Of course they all want me to read to them all at the same time. I LOVE to read books to them! I couldn't resist this picture. Each night they get to pick 1 or 2 books each for me to read and then I pick a few. They were on the couch waiting patiently for me.

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