Saturday, January 10, 2009

Marathon Weekend!

Today we headed over to the Dolphin Hotel to stay the night with the kids and our good friends Juan and Rebecca and their 4 kids. Thanks to Rebecca, we got a great rate at the hotel! Juan and Sean (and their other friend John) are running the marathon together tomorrow. (Can you believe those names together-Sean, Juan and John!) We met up at the hotel we let the guys rest for a little while and Rebecca and I headed to the pools with all 7 kids. It was just gorgeous there and we tried all the pools out until we found the kiddie pool, which was the warmest of all of them, and all the kids liked it. They splashed and had a blast. Sean and Juan came down and ran 2 miles around the lake and then met back up with us on the beach. Then we all headed in and got changed and finally decided on Perkins for dinner. We sure were a site, 4 adults and 7 kids! We had one big kid table and then us adults and the two babies. Poor Asher busted his lip open pretty bad on the back of the chair while we were there but other than that the kids were great and ate like horses!! I even had to order extra food for Sean and the kids! Ha ha Back to the hotel we went and we tucked in the kids and the dads and Rebecca and I went downstairs and talked over dessert for a couple of hours. What nice girl time it was! And then we headed back inside to brace ourselves for the marathon we were about to run tomorrow. Us, 7 kids, 2 strollers and several bags running all over to try and catch a glimpse of the guys running at several different locations!

Boston LOVING the pool. We couldn't have been blessed with better weather! It was about 78 and perfect!!!Dallas all over the poolAsher was surprisingly not as into the pool as he usually is. But he sure loved running around.Jonah and Dallas splashingThe 5 big kids playingTrying to all climb in the hammock without falling out Dallas found this seal and I noticed the nose was interesting and then realized it is supposed to have water coming out of it...then we found the on button!
It was a source of much fun at the end of the day
My precious baby growing up toooooooooo fast! He loved throwing sand into the water
While walking in for the night these two ducks were taking a swim in the pool!
While Boston got pushed in the pool and I just happen to get his reaction on film. He was not happy :-)Daddy, the big marathon racer, cuddling up Asher at the end of the day
All 7 kids getting ready to head out for dinner (Dallas, Amaya, Asher, Lucas, Israel, Boston, and Jonah. What a fun group of kids!

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Rebecca said...

Those are some cute kids!!
Great pics Cricket :)
Looking forward to the 2010 marathon!!