Friday, January 9, 2009

Everyone's Hero

A week ago on Family Movie night, which is on Friday or Saturday night, we watched "Everyone's Hero." What a surprisingly great movie it was! My boys LOVED it! We still haven't returned it to NetFlix. It might have to be one we purchase for sure.
And it's spured a renewed interest in baseball. So each day we have been playing in the front yard with our own bases. They love it. Mommy's the pitcher and they love hitting it and running around the bases while I try and tag them. It sure does where mommy out. And both of them are great hitters. Boston hits with his left hand and Dallas is a switch hitter already. Mommy is learning how to pitch for sure...this girly girl is turning into a well rounded woman now....Ha ha!!
Hopefully we will have the boys playing t-ball soon!

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laytonfamily said...

We loved this movie too!