Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dale and Gini visiting

Sean's older brother Dale and his wife Gini and their three kids: Luke, Lea and Ty, all got here on Sunday but because my kids have been sick we haven't been able to see them. Tonight they had a big family get together with all the family. Thank goodness my kids were better. After I picked Boston up from school we headed out there. Unfortunately the weather has turned cold so the boys only swam for a little bit in the heated pool. They got reacquainted with their cousins they haven't seen in almost 2 years and had a blast playing around.

Boston standing on the sandcastle by the poolDallas enjoying climbing the castle

All the cousins (Asher, Boston, Lea, Ellie, Ty, Luke and Dallas in front)
They all gathered in the closet and I would open the door and they would all scream. So funny Sean with his older brother Dale
4 generations of men
Seans Dad, me, Asher and Sean's grandpa
Grandma Dorothy with all the kids
Grandpa Dale with all the kidsEllie and the boys eating on the bed watching Disney tvCelebrating Ellie's 3 birthday

Asher enjoyed laughing with Grandma Dorothy and pretending to give her some of his fruit and then saying, "mine!" and eating it. He thought it was so funny We had a nice dinner with everyone and then Sean and I and the kids stayed the night at the hotel with Sean's parents.

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