Friday, January 2, 2009

Asher to Urgent Care

We ended up back at After Hours Pediatrics today with Asher. We were all playing in the front yard and while trying to get them all in Asher went to run away and Sean went to hold his hand not to run and when he did that he had what's called Nursemaid's Elbow happen. Here's what the technical lingo says about it:

Nursemaids elbow is an interposition of the annular ligament into the radial-humerus joint. The annular ligament normally passes around the proximal radius just below the radial head. With traction on the extended arm, the annular ligament slides over the head of the radius into the joint space and becomes entrapped.

Right after he pulled him he started crying a lot. Sean just thought he was upset because he had to come inside. But I noticed that he seemed to be crying a little different than normal and that he wasn't moving his left arm. I kept watching him and trying to get him to do things with his left hand like give me hi five or take a cookie. Sean's parents where already on their way to babysit for us so we could have date night. So much for that. As soon as they got there we headed with Asher to see what was wrong. Poor guy seemed to be in a lot of pain so I just held him on the way there. He couldn't use his arm at all. When we got to After Hours they put us in the same room we were in with Boston a few weeks ago. Ugh! Not again. And it's another left elbow problem!! Asher feel asleep on me while we were waiting and when the doctor came in we explained what happened and he knew right away what to do. While Asher was still sleeping he held his hand and his elbow and pulled the hand and right away it popped back in. He woke up and cried for a second but then seemed to be right back to his normal happy, laughing self. He was cracking everyone up! He even got two lollipops for it! He was happy for sure after that.

So we headed home and got everyone ready for bed and Sean and I went to the movies to see "Yes Man" and have dinner at the movies. We needed a good comedy that's for sure!!!!

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