Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sean running the Disney Marathon

The boys started out very early this morning. Sean was up at 3am and they left at 3:30am. The race took off at 6am, all 25,000 off them. Rebecca and I were all packed and headed out at 7am. They said the best to get around because of all the traffic was to ride the Disney transportation so we waited for a bus to get over to the Magic Kingdom to see the guys run through Cinderella's castle but unfortunetly we didn't make it there in time. We were on the bus for over an hour to only go a few miles. Crazy! But the kids were great and we finally made it there and decided to skip trying to see them at any other points and head right to the finish line so we didn't miss them there.
Juan, John and Sean early in the morning before the race Praying together before starting. Run, run run! The Disney Marathon is so awesome because they get to run through all the parks. There's visits by all the characters along the way, there's music, there's animals lined up to meet you at Animal Kingdom. So much fun to see along the way!
Sean and John running through Cinderella's Castle Wes and Suzanne drove their own car and they were able to find Sean at several points along the way. Here they saw him as he was running down Hollywood Blvd in MGM Studios (or the new Hollywood Studios)It was so emotional as we rode the monorail through EPCOT and saw the runners. It's so amazing what they were accomplishing! 26.2 miles! Disney has an amazing website that we were able to go on and put in the guys pace, 11 minute mile, and it would tell us when they would be at each mile marker. He was also wearing a little chip on his shoe and it would get text messages and emails telling me when he got to certain mile markers. Rebecca and I were amazed at how many people were at the finish line when we got there! You couldn't even get close to the finish line to see anyone because there were so many people. Rebecca suggested I use my Disney passes and take the boys in the park (the finish line is in the parking lot of EPCOT) so I can get closer. In finally got in through the crowds and found Sean's parents who were already inside. What a great spot we had! And it was a relief to see someone to help me out. I had been a long morning running around with the boys (at this point it was about 10:30am) Boston was especially excited to see daddy running. He sat right down next to the where the runners come by and didn't move an inch. He was watching closely for almost an hour. Here's a picture of the boys watching for daddy.Asher watching with GrandpaGrandpa and AsherMe getting a shot sean running with Boston standing next to me. Go Sean!He did it! Amazing! We are sooooo proud of him!! Congratulating daddy (Dallas standing behind)
All three of them finished
What a great medal!

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woo Hoo...go Sean!! What an accomplishment!!!