Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boston's first Magic Game

Tonight we took Boston to his first Orlando Magic game. They were playing the Boston Celtics so what an exciting game to take him to. He was amazed as we were driving up at all the traffic and the blimp that circled overhead. The area was gigantic in his eyes and he couldn't believe we were getting to go there. He eyes beamed as he took his first peek inside the area and saw the players warming up on the court. We were very lucky to have amazing seats, about 8 rows up, center court! Sean's parents had some connections that had the coach for the Magics guest seats available. Gini and Dale came and brought Luke. Boston didn't like the fireworks, noise and darkness of the beginning but soon got over that and enjoyed watching the game and Stuff. Stuff came right were we were sitting and was jumping up and down the seats (truly amazing what that guy does in that costume!) Boston also enjoyed seeing his name on all the jerseys of the Celtics team. And it got a little confusing for him at times when the announcer kept saying "BOSTON" over and over again. LOL Boston had on a Magic shirt but I wonder if he will ultimately be a Celtics fan with them being from Boston?

When we were leaving Boston said, "We've got to bring Dallas here next time. He would love it. Except for the fireworks part, so we'll just have to come after that. I just can't remember all the great stuff that they had there to tell him!" I thought that was such a sweet thing to want his brother to be able to experience the Magic game himself. When we got home Boston was talking a mile a minute telling my mom about all the great things he got to see there. He told her all about Stuff and how he has party favors that shoot out of his nose (if you've ever seen him he has these things that really do look like a party favor unraveling out of his nose - genius of my son to describe it that way!) And he told her there was this man there but he looked like a little kid but he really wasn't a kid (he was in actuality a midget-but I thought it was so cute how he described him) They had a midget pretend to be the mascot for the Celtics (Lucky or something like that). And he told her how he kept cheating when competing against Stuff so then Stuff just put him in a trash can!!

For sure the most fun I have ever had at a Magic game!!! To see it all through a child's eyes makes everything so much better!!

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Liz Kraft said...

Hi Cricket,

What a beautiful blog!
And your boys couldn't get any cuter. Nice work. ;-)

Glad to be back in touch... if only via facebook!