Friday, January 23, 2009

Sean's Surprise 30th Birthday Party

I threw a surprise party for Sean tonight. Oh my, me trying to plan this party in the midst of everything else in my life was a little confusing. The day of the party I remembered so many people I just totally forgot to invite (so if you are reading this post and weren't invited just know it was nothing brain isn't working at full capability!) Sean had seen something on the computer that I had left open that was about the surprise party so he actually knew it was coming (I didn't know he knew though). But he truely was surprised because he thought for some reason it was going to be next Saturday! He was hanging out with Wes and my parents had them come over to help with something and.....SURPRISE! This is the cake I made him. He loves to play pool and was playing on a league for about a year. They are cupcakes with icing and then decorated with colored sugar.Have your cake and eat it too!
Guests Asher enjoyed his cake too

"Happy Birthday to you!"
Extra cupcakes with 30 on them

Friends enjoying time (without kids)

Everyone had a great time and it went off well. The kids spent the night at my parents house and I crashed!

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