Monday, January 5, 2009

Boston gets his cast off

Today was the BIG day! One my way to get Boston I was so focused on thinking about his cast coming off that I switched lanes and this lady was in my blind spot and we bumped into each other. There is now a big scrap down my car. She was very nice. So I gathered myself together and went to Boston's school to get him. I took him through the McDonalds drive thru and let him get a strawberry milkshake. He loved that! He said to me,"Mom, this is amazing! You have got to try it!"
Boston has been counting down the days, or I should say nights, until he gets his cast off. Each night and each morning he asks how many more nights he has to sleep with his cast on. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must have been.
Here's Boston waiting excitedly in the waiting room.

He had a really rough time when he got it off. The tool they use is VERY loud and he did not like it at all! He was crying and struggling to let him take it off. He just wanted him to leave it on forever. I think he was also so nervous because when they took off the splint his arm hurt so bad because it wasn't healed that he was nervous it would be the same way. Here's a shot of his arm after the cast was off. The blue part is whats holding the pins that are sticking out. They xrayed the arm and everything was healed very nicely and the doctor came in and said we can take the pins out!Here's a shot of the pins in his arm. I was nervous it was going to hurt him very bad when he pulled them out but he reassured me it wouldn't. So we had him watch Transformers on Sean's phone. He cried with just the thought of what was going to happening. But it really didn't hurt him. We even got to keep the pins. His arm is very stiff and the doctor said it would be a couple of weeks before he had full extension. He said he didn't need physical therapy and that if he doesn't have full extension after 2 weeks to have him hang from the monkey bars to help stretch it out.

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Hage Family said...

Oh my goodness...the sight of those pins, and then the explanation of hanging from the monkey bars about made my stomach flip flop. UGH...that LOOKS really yucky!!! Good for Boston for being so brave!!!