Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ACTS classes

So glad ACTS classes have started back at church. They offer classes for the adults to take and the kids have their own classes. Boston is old enough now that he has choir the first hour and they do fun stuff the second hour. He LOVES it. And Dallas and Asher enjoy their classes too and getting to go out on the playground.

We sometimes eat dinner their before hand, but I usually wouldn't go unless I have help. (Imagine me with three kids and a stroller going through the line to get food, carry it to the table and pay.) I met my friend Tiffanie their and it was great company and nice to be able to enjoy a meal there (and not cook and clean up.)

The class I'm taking is called Masterlife for Women. What a great journey in my walk with Christ this class is going to be. I'm so excited about the year long, 4 book journey God has me on this year!!

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