Saturday, January 24, 2009

Monster Trucks!

Tonight we went to the Monster Truck show with the boys, my parents and Wes and Suzanne. it was at the Citrus Bowl and the boys were so excited about going in to this big place. Our seats were way up at the top, which was nice because you could see everything. It was REALLY loud at first but the boys finally got used to it. They LOVED watching all the big trucks race around, and especially loved it when they flipped. We got to see The Intimitator, the monster truck we saw last year parked out from Advanced Auto Parks. They got to explore it and then the driver came out and signed autographs and talked to us for a while.

Of course both of their favorite is The Grave Digger (nice name right?) My mom bought them two big Grave Digger trucks a long time ago (not noticing the name or knowing it was an actual truck) The boys love those trucks and when they saw the Grave Digger come out they were so excited. We were going to leave a little early to beat the crowd but Boston quickly told me that we can't leave because the Grave Digger is going to race last!!! He was very passionate about seeing him race.

What a fun night it was!!

Boston loves to pose with this new move, like he's some tough gangsta guy.Wes and Suzanne (picture by Dallas)

Dallas and my parents Dallas' picture of me

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