Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sick sick house!!!

Yesterday started out oh so lovely with my parents surprising me and taking Boston to school, of course Dallas had to go along for the ride. Then my dad came and installed these grates over the screen doors on the patio so no kid or dog or cat and push throw them anymore. Thank you dad!!! When they were leaving my sweet Asher threw up in the front yard (thank goodness we were outside!!!) Poor thing! He had started with diarrhea yesterday and now this. I cleaned him up and layed him down for his nap and he seemed to feel better after the nap. I picked up Boston from school and we headed over to my parents house because they are supposed to leave tomorrow for the mountain house. My mom was sweet enough to watch the kids and I went to workout, since I missed my morning workout. Then we all decided to go to CiCi's for Pizza. Sean, Wes and Suzanne all met us there after they got off work. Right away Dallas didn't look good and was complaining he wasn't feeling good. He acted like his throat hurt and he just wanted to lay on my mom. He feel asleep right there at the table! Oh my. Asher by the way was feeling much better and acted totally normal (other than diarrhea still.) I carried him out to the car to go home and he threw up all in the car. Oh my! I got a bag for him in case there as more and hurried home! He slept in the bed with me and threw up constantly until about 3am. I tried Emetrol and it didn't work at all. He just couldn't stop. Boston kept getting up in the midst of this and asking for his vitamins so he wouldn't get sick (I had mentioned on the way home that I needed to give him his vitamins so he didn't get it.) Well right after I finally got Dallas to bed and no more throwing up, sure enough Boston started and went all night! What a LOOOOOONNNGGGG night it was! Why in the world does this always happen at NIGHT!

Anyhow...I was one tired mommy. And not rest for me because neither of them were going to school today. It was a MOVIE day for sure with my two sickos on the couch and Asher running around. I called the doctor first thing and finally got a prescription for something to help Boston stop throwing up since he still hadn't stopped. Once I got that it stopped and then the two of them were running around like nothing was ever wrong. Man this stuff comes on like a bullet train and leaves like one too!

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