Friday, January 16, 2009

Boston loses his 2nd tooth!

As we were driving home from Target Boston started screaming and I couldn't imagine what was wrong! I soon figured out he had lost his 2nd tooth. Its been loose and hanging on by a thread for sometime now. The big tooth is already half way grown in behind it! He was screaming because there was blood coming out and he was worried. Nothing a quick paper towel couldn't solve. Then he realized the Tooth Fairy would be visiting tonight and he got REALLY excited!!!
And this time we got to use the tooth pillow I sewed for him when his 1st tooth was loose. But we didn't get to use it the 1st time because he lost his tooth when were vacationing at the mountain house. He was super thrilled to be sleeping with his tooth pillow tonight.
I cut out my own pattern for the pillow and bought some cool chenille fabric. But before I sewed it together a I took it somewhere and had it embroidered. It also has a pocket in the back for the tooth to go.
Update: The tooth fairy bought him a new Matchbox race car and $5. He woke me up jumping up and down that she had come!!!!


Hage Family said...

VERY cute pillow! Eww...I may have to steal that idea!!!

Mariel said...

Very creative! Love the pillow!